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lawofoneness [Member]

I am I am fully aware that you said check your spam in order to activate the account. Two things wrong with this number one it comes at 4:21 p.m. as you say if will, which is not instant. Try to get instant if you can. The other thing. I ljust barely checked my spam folder and just remembered what you said about checking spam and by luck I clicked it and found it on the very bottom of my spam folder. Even if people want to sign up for your site most of the time they will forget because it’s either too late or because it’s on spam. Most importantly the spam folder does not say bluehand as your site leads me to believe, it says B2evo. This is not reminiscence of your sight at all. So if anyone is looking in the spam folder they will more than likely pass it. Because you’re site is called bluehand not B2evo. I think that is the most important mistake. I was going to erase my spam even when it was looking me in the eyes, but just decided to click on it anyways because it said my name law of oneness. I understand you’re navigating through this complex web of creating site so it’s understandable. But that last thing about it being called b2evo more than likely miss most of the people trying to get on. Those three things right there if someone tries to get on will probably keep more than 90-something percent of the people from signing on.Now I will continue on this site I hope this information helps.

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flywheel [Member]

5 stars from a newbie to this forum.


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007 [Member]

Most welcome Jim.. I hope it will be a valuable system..

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Jim Garth [Member]

Thanks for setting this up for us, James. It is fitting that it is activated on 9/11, and we are pledged to never be so asleep that we are subject to such attack again.

We stand united to preserve our democracies, freedoms, human rights, and human decency as hallmarks of our civilization, against the murderous hordes threatening our existence.

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